TasteMaker Pro Tech Stack (TMProStack)
A Tech Stack Enabling You To Moneytize Your Business Effectively
Whilst Being The Original Creative You

HI! We are TMProStack -

The Tech Stack Designed For YOU To Easily Moneytize Your Content, Your Community, Your Courses, Your Creativity & Your Knowledge

As A Thought Leader, Social Media Influencer, Public & Professional Speaker, Coach and Entrepreneur, Content & Community are the Number 1 engagement methods for our businesses to continually grow.

Yet, the Tech Stack we use is constantly changing. Our role is to deliver content, not get overwhelmed with the Tech!!

You're A TasteMaker If You Are A



Utilizing the latest technology we integrate with what your business needs are online.



The Most Flexible Tech Stack Available Today. Have An Idea, Talk With Us, We Listen.



Your Content Delivered To Your Clients Quickly & Easily.



Your Clients, Fans & Followers Details All Included In The Stack Enabling Your Communication


How the stack can help you!

One-Stop Tech Stack That Works 24/7!

Let Our Knowledge & Expertise At All Things Tech Take The Pain Away

Its time to stop having multiple accounts on different services and consolidate your Online Business. Imagine having a brick and mortar business running like the online world, it would not work. That’s why we created TMProStack. The Best Place for Your Business!

Your Brand, Your Message

Your design, your brand colors, with the flexibility and confidence of your message.

Your Community

Group or Pages closed? Never lose your community because they are all in “The Stack”.

Your Business Mobility

Mobiles, Tablets, IPad’s, Desktop Browsers, your business looks amazing everywhere.

Your Sales & Income

Ecommerce working 24/7 connected to your favorite Payment Gateway. If we don’t have it, we can add it*.

Your Courses, Your Content

A Simple Course or a full on University/Academy, our Learning Management System integration is the best in the market!

Your Marketing

Split Testing, Popups’s, Opt-In’s, Lead Pages, Multi-Headlines, Analytics, Pixels, SEO, All Integration Built-In.

Complex Ecommerce Stack


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Done For You Stack


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The Ultimate Toolkit To Scale Your Business
  • Blog It

    VLOG, BLOG, Podcasts, Your Creativity Expressed Your Way.

  • Mail It

    Built In Autoresponder with Sendgrid integration = guaranteed deliverability = increased open rates

  • Launch It

    Built In Lead Pages = no third party systems needed = more traffic to your site

  • Sell It

    Built In ECommerce = Your Shop, Your Customers, Your Profits

  • Pay It

    Built In PayPal + Stripe, most other gateways easily integrated on request.

  • Membership It

    Built In Membership Areas = Monthly Recurring Payments To You

  • CRM It

    Built In CRM = Your Private Data, Your Clients, Your Team, With Projects, Tasks, & Much More

  • Autopost It

    Built In Distribution of Posts to Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter

  • Event It

    Built In Calendar & Events System = Ticket Sales

  • Game It

    Gamification: Built In Points & Credit System

  • Book It

    Built In Appointment Integration + System

  • Funnel It

    Built In Upsells, Downsells, Force sells, Inclusions, Variations, recurring subscriptions

  • Dropship It

    Built In Dropshipping modules integrating with Amazon & Alibaba, other integrations upon request.

  • Design It

    Built In Drag n Drop Graphic Design Solution (like Canva/Photoshop – only “BUILT IN”)

  • Teach It

    Built In Learning Management System = Your Own Academy, University, School Of Your Dreams

  • Network It

    Built In Community = Private Mini Facebook = you own the community content.

  • POP It

    Built In Popups/OptIn’s = Integrated Marketing Methodologies

  • Quiz It

    Built In Quizzes = Increased User Interactions

  • Test It

    Built In Split Testing = A Marketers Dream

  • Vendor It

    Built In Multi Vendor System = Become An International Online Store Selling For Others

  • Advanced CRM It

    TMProStack Campaign Manager Integration = Our Full Automation Marketing System = Coming Soon.

  • Countdown It

    Built In Scarcity System = Create Urgency

  • Auction It

    Built In Auction System = EBay Alternative

  • Analyze It

    Built In Google & Facebook Pixel Integration

  • Facebook Live It

    Built In Integration to embed Facebook Live Videos Into Site (Public Facebook access videos only)

  • Affiliate It

    Built In Internal Affiliate System, Tracking & Dashboard

  • Cloud It

    Built In Dropbox & Google Drive Support

  • Template It

    Built In Templates for Page Layouts, Page Elements, Funnels, Full Website Designs etc.


We Include The Right Tools With Integration That Works For You.


Created Because We Needed It Too!
Jayc Ryder - Tech Guru

Jayc Ryder

Co-Founder. Tech Stack Guru.

E: tech@tmprostack.com
T: +1 812 777 5292

I kept hearing it from clients, “Content and Community is where we need to be. Spending all our time on Tech is frustrating!”
Well no more. Together with String we have designed a “One Stop Tech Solution that WORKS for YOU”.

String Nguyen - Global Influencer

String Nguyen

Co-Founder. Global Influencer.

E: influence@tmprostack.com
T: +1 812 777 5292

As a global influencer, I am interacting with all types of business owners, entrepreneurs and startups. With accounts all over the web, I needed a solution that was integrated in one place that worked for my business. That’s how TMProStack was born.


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